About BAM

Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask yourself what makes you come alive, and go do that, because what the world needs is people who have come alive. – Howard Thurman

BadAssManifest.com is a site for people who aren’t content to just survive, but who want to thrive.

It’s for dreamers and goal achievers. Or those who want to be.

It’s also for those who are just plain fed-up with all the negativity that dominates so much social media today, and want to have a friendly place filled with positive folks who are too busy trying to create amazing lives to sit around bitching and moaning all the time.

Why It’s Called BadAssManifest

Badass. We almost didn’t go with this site name because “Badass” is a wee bit overused, and pretty silly, don’t ya think?

But then we thought, overused sure. But … silly is good. We should take our goals seriously, but not take ourselves too seriously, too often. To paraphrase Maude in Harold & Maude: “Harold, everyone has a right to make an ass of themselves sometimes. You can’t let the world judge you too much.”

So if it’s okay to make an ass of yourself sometimes, then it’s okay to make a Badass of yourself sometimes too!

Manifest. This refers to our innate human desire to achieve goals, realize our full potential, become successful. It’s about becoming our very best selves living our very best lives.

It refers to the Law Of Attraction, for those who believe in the Law Of Attraction. It to making dreams, reality, by hard work and grit too.

So let’s do it, friends. Let’s manifest our dreams, like Badasses!


Anyone drawn to this site is almost certain to be a non-conformist, so you probably aren’t big on rules. Don’t worry, neither are we. Just the standard stuff, like no spamming, be tolerant of differences, and be nice.

We also decided No Politics , Social Commentary, News, or the like. There’s plenty of that on other sites for virtue signaling whatever anyone wants to #standfor or #standagainst or #standwith. Just not on BAM.

Contact Us

Questions, comments, suggestions? If you’re a member the best way to reach us is by shooting a message directly to BAMAdim.

If you’re not a member you can Contact Us Here.